Custom Gaming Desktop PCs Featuring Intel & AMD Processor and Nvidia GeForce Graphics Cards

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All PCs in this Category Are Supplied Assembled & Complete with a Minimum Warranty of Three Years .
Extreme Models Are Built Using the Highest Quality Components from Leading Tier 1 Manufacturers .
We use Gigabyte & Asus Motherboards for the Extreme Range of Custom Gaming PCs.
We Only Use the Best of the Best to Create These Systems . You Imagine We Design & Build. Recommends Microsoft Windows 10 for Enhanced Gaming Experiences

All PCs in this Category Are Supplied Assembled & Complete  with a LIFTIME WARRANTY which Includes Free Collection & Return .

Here at we are committed to providing the best value and performance across our entire range of custom gaming pcs. Therefore we offer the same level of design and support to our budget range . If you want the best value custom built gaming pc the Intel Value Gaming Range offers the best performance and future upgradability.